BALANCE SHEET: Stockport County v Wrexham FC


The second half.

Our second goal!

Ross White’s contribution, both defensively and bringing the ball out from the back.

Louis Moult looked a level above anything else on the pitch.

The overlapping of Neil Ashton and Mark Carrington in the second half stretched Stockport.

Dean Keates back on the bench!

As always, the work rate of Connor Jennings.

In the midst of chaos, Jay Harris had a strong first half, and sustained his performance after the break.

The first half.

The terrifically high line, apparently applied spontaneously by the players in the first half, was a disaster which cost us a win.

Elliott Durrell, making his first start since November, had an unhappy time of it.

The slow pace of passing in the first half, not helped by the sticky pitch.

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