The Balance Sheet: Stoke City v Wrexham FC



Carrington’s goal: how good did that feel? It was the sort of moment you become a football fan for.

A superb performance: disciplined in defence with a threat on the break.

The spells when we took the game to Stoke and showed we weren’t there to park the bus.

The solidity of the back four when under pressure.

Connor Jennings’ energy in the first half, chasing everything and disrupting Stoke’s ability to pass from the back.

Robbie Evans and Jay Harris’ endeavour in midfield.

The incredible support once again showed the potential of the club and the commitment and passion it inspires.

If that was Johnny Hunt’s last Wrexham appearance he did himself proud with his disciplined performance.

The money!

Getting so close but missing out!

We lost our shape in the build-up to the equaliser; a wholly avoidable loss of our compactness when we ought to have been focussed on digging in and protecting the lead.

We don’t get to go to Old Trafford in the next round after all!

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