Son of Nostradamus


Nostradamus made vague and unproveable prophecies that were stolen from other people, whose prose he copied without shame. My desire is to follow in his footsteps. I shall apply my gift to the future of Wrexham Football Club, as is the tradition at this time of year. For all fans who prefer the excitement of the unknown, look away now!

Kevin Wilkin’s future can be predicted well into 2017. He will be our manager until then. The mists of uncertainty cloud the picture from Christmas 2017 onwards. By then we will either have a settled squad in the playoffs or changes may be afoot. The Board has learnt from the error of its lukewarm support for Morrell, Wilkin will get a fair crack at promotion. The big long shadow of Steve Burr may once again cast itself across the Racecourse, that’s if he fancies a proper job.

The team is blighted by too many inconsistencies to reach the playoffs. Players we have lauded will be looked at less favourably by season’s end, and teams we looked at as easy meat will outperform us (Macclesfield, Halifax, Bristol Rovers, Gateshead) We will get close to the playoffs, but will finish the season still unsure as to what our best team is. Our flirtation with the playoffs will at least generate some income, and give some invaluable experience to youngsters and new arrivals. Daniel Nti will sign, Manny Smith will not.

At seasons end progress on the playing front will have been made. Hudson, Ashton, Harris, Evans and Bishop will be pleasing re-signings and a little money will be made on departures. We will fret over the defence and dream about attackers over the summer.

The club’s finances will be rosy and revenues from merchandise astonishing. Steve Cook’s (Commercial Manager) future looks to be up and away from us, but those left behind will step up. The club will have a ‘top four’ budget next season, adding to the risk of sniping from fans when dominance of smaller teams is not realised. The budget will not exceed one third of the highest budget in the division.

My prediction with the greatest portent of gloom is our relationship with Glyndwr University. The future for the University is unclear, but its need for cash is inevitable, and will be satisfied by the offloading of assets. A compromise will be found, whereby a novel split of their footballing assets will enable the relationship with our club to continue and the Club’s security will improve, after a few years of fundraising. Can I see the fans buying the Kop from the Uni?, or is it a Cop buying a fan from Aldi? My crystal ball is getting misty.

Joe Clarke will missplace a pass, Manny Smith will head the ball, Jay Harris will get booked , and chips will not be available for under a pound. Of these things I am certain.


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