Wrexham FC v Altrincham FC Podcast

Here’s the Altrincham podcast.

2 thoughts on “Wrexham FC v Altrincham FC Podcast

  1. From someone ignorant of the rules on tackles I can only talk from an emotional point of view. Alty’s sending off looked harsh, a yellow for a reckless lunge looked acceptable. A red for a non-malicious ,near 50-50 tackle too much. Bishop’s red was nearer the mark, but possibly an overreaction by the referee, what happened to ‘your last chance’? In the context of the game it made it look like there were fouls flying in everywhere. If Bishop had NOT received a red I don’t think the Alty fans would have been so aggrieved. Again with Moult, why not a yellow and a stern talking to?
    The broader context of cards shown with such profligacy is that the crowd are robbed of the game they paid for. One red for one side doesn’t cancel out a red for the other, the game is diminished.
    You hope a referee senses the type of game he has in front of him. In that judgment I am convinced the referee was entirely wrong.

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