This Is Good


We drew with an under strength Macclesfield. We made Wade Fairhurst, a striker rescued from a lower division, look like a world-beater, and our passing was nothing to write home about. So what’s good?

I saw in this performance the makings of a well organised, well balanced, competitive team. Wilkin looks relaxed and cheery, I’m not surprised, he recognises when things are coming together nicely. Results haven’t looked great recently but a lot has been learnt, and that goes for both team set-up and individual improvement.

Focussing on two players; Blaine Hudson has had a challenging start to his career with Wrexham in my view. He has made mistakes, (and continues to do so) and his distribution has been poor. He deserves massive credit for his performance at Macc. He regularly showed deft footwork, and a controlled approach to passing. I thought he showed a fantastic attitude, when early errors could have gotten him down. To me he epitomises a personal application to improvement. Elliot Durrell, to the casual observer had a nothing sort of game, a few blocked shots, a good cross or two. I saw a disciplined defensive performance from him, helping to snuff out Macc’s biggest threat (Adriano Moke) and some superb lung busting runs, from side to middle in support of Andy Bishop. Nothing dropped for him, but he was regularly in the right place. His fitness is now at a full time standard, his quality always was.

The shape of the team was excellent. We played 4-2-3-1 which gave solidity, and fluidity. Durrell, Wes York and Connor Jennings all attacked intelligently with great energy and control. I think Bish rarely felt lonely, and in extra time he won a header he had no right to, and also cushioned it beautifully for the onrushing Jennings. Sadly Jennings couldn’t get it out of his feet.

Apropos of nothing; I watched the game next to Macclesfield’s greatest wagg (not WAG). I watched a game at Macc a few seasons ago and Carl Heggs (a big unit) was  warming up to come on. The Wagg shouts out comments to the effect of; ‘You lack sartorial elegance Mr Heggs, and your features could not be described as classic Greek’. Mr Heggs eventually got fed up, stopped, and stared at the Wagg ; ‘I’ll see you outside after in the carpark’ he growled. The Waggs responds in a flash; ‘No you won’t. We haven’t got a carpark!’

As I came out the ground I heard a Wrexham fan providing a downbeat view of the evening. My opening paragraph pretty much summed up his view, but I feel  that the only structural problem with this side is better passing to start attacks. I can see Wilkin is addressing this in training, and his lovely smile in recent interviews makes me think he agrees with my assessment.

Come to the replay, this is good!

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