Jamie’s Man of the Match against Eastleigh

It was certainly a fantastic victory over Eastleigh at the Racecourse Ground last Saturday, so someone out of the 11 squad should be named man of the match!

It was great to be amongst Mark Griffiths and Alex Taylor in the commentary box throughout the 90 minutes witnessing the Dragons forget their Derby defeat to thrash Eastleigh by three goals.

I was the summariser behind the microphone doing my best to be in the likes of Mark Lawrenson, Gary Neville and Andy Gray’s shoes.

With just minutes to go till the final whistle with Wrexham showing their dominance, Mark passed over a note ‘You will be picking the man of the match’. The pressure was on to make the right call, as it really was a hard choice with the whole team performing amazingly.

The best method I could come up with was short listing three players for my man of the match and here they are…

dean_keates_dai_spendiff_eastleighDean Keates

After a long awaited injury, the skipper was finally back in the starting line-up and boy did we miss him.

Keates really showed the difference in the midfield with his unbelievable awareness and keeping a good look out for an opportunity to attack with a deadly ball.

The captain had one or two extreme knocks especially in the first half lying on the ground for at least five minutes of the game, but the man showed his bravery to play the full Monty.

Keates was given man of the match by the club before full-time, that’s why I didn’t award it to the captain.


Daniel Bachmann

The newly Wrexham goalkeeper has been very impressive so far into this early days season.

The Austrian played one of his best for the club last Saturday afternoon even though Eastleigh didn’t show much of a threat on the frontline.

There were at least a handful of chances from the opponents that tested the young goalkeeper with one of the main dangers being a close range header at the nearby post being caught well. A free kick heading towards the top right corner of the net landing in Bachmann’s gloves having to jump out from the centre of goal.

It’s like Bachmann placed super glue on his goalkeeper gloves in the changing room before the match, the ball just couldn’t get out of his hands.


My Man of the Match…


Elliott Durrell!

Elliott Durrell is a player who I really respect he is a hard working player showing a lot of commitments to the club and the other reason being shorter than me (which is very rare).

Straight from the kick-off whistle, Durrell showed a lot of energy on the pitch and even when he didn’t have the possession he would keep track of the ball doing his part of attempting to intercept the ball.

Before the match took place Durrell did not have a goal to show for the reds but his opening goal on Saturday within 12 minutes shocked me and Alex during the commentary (We didn’t think it was in).

When Alex was about to do his usual duty of interviewing the players after the game, he said to Durrell “Yes! You’ve finally got the goal!”, Elliott reacted with a nice grin.

Congratulations to Elliott Durrell on receiving my first man of the match!

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