Thanks Dad

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I’ve had lots of enjoyable experiences in 36 years of supporting Wrexham and 26 years of doing all sorts of media work for the club, but I think making a video on the pitch with my dad and the reaction he received probably gave me the most pleasure of all.

The video was made for the club’s youtube channel as part of the campaign to publicise our 150th anniversary match against Grimsby in a couple of weeks, and I thought it was appropriate to give a fan who has been watching us since the Second World War a chance to speak about the place Wrexham FC occupies in his life.

“What Wrexham Means To Me” is a video which we hoped would remind us all of the place the club occupies in our hearts. The wonderful feedback we’ve received across all social media platforms, but particularly Red Passion, was touching.

I’m proud of my dad, and know that aspiring to be like him is the best thing I could do with my life. Seeing other people react to him was humbling and very emotional, and I’d like to thank everyone who did so.

As we drove to The Racecourse to film the video a thought occurred to me, so I asked Dad if he’d ever actually been on the pitch before. He hadn’t, so going onto the turf became a significant gesture to me: a very small thing that I could give him in return for all he’s given me. I couldn’t resist having a little poke around the changing room area as well, just to let him have a look at the hidden workings of the club. I’ve spent so long lingering there, waiting for interviews, that it’s become easy for me to be blasé. Few fans have that opportunity, so giving Dad a glimpse of the inner  sanctum felt special.

Of course, going viral has its consequences. He’s becoming more difficult to handle now the celebrity lifestyle has started to kick in. He goes round town in an open top sports car, wearing a fur coat and a crown, flinging fifty pound notes to passers-by on the pavement.

All his life he has been satisfied to do his bit as a parishioner of St Giles; now he demands a separate room be set aside for him before acts of worship, stocked with Italian designer brands of sparkling water, a full range of luxury toiletries and a large bowl of M&Ms with all the blue ones taken out. Should a blue M&M remain, his newly-acquired capacity to throw a tantrum like a diva is revealed as he rails against the horrors of being exposed to such Chester-coloured monstrosities!

But seriously, Dad introduced me to Wrexham Football Club, passing something very precious down to me in the process. We might go through agonising disappointments like last Monday more often than we want to, but I wouldn’t’ change a thing. Dad gave me a chance to share the raw emotions that make life a visceral worthwhile experience. That, I guess, is what Wrexham mean to me.

One thought on “Thanks Dad

  1. Mr Griffiths taught me at Bryn Offa. A real gentleman and a brilliant educator. I owe him a great deal. He was one of the people responsible for making my career possible. Thank you Mr Griffiths.

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