One thought on “Wrexham v Woking Podcast

  1. Very interested in the defence debate. I think its a moot point how you would improve the defence with players from the squad, and I respect Wilkin for trying to improve it with White. Looking back at last season I thought the Livesey/Thomassen partnership worked well. I think Manny is a very similar player to Livesey, and Thommo for Hudson would have been my preferred change.
    The blog also mentions cover for the fullbacks, and I feel wingers, even at this level, love to play one on one with a defender, they can’t really lose because they can either pass/cross or try to beat their man. Either way a fullback looks like they’ve failed if they don’t tackle the winger.
    I’ll repeat what I commented last week: I know Moult looks terrific as the centre forward, but I still think the balance of the side would be better if he swopped with Jennings, a brave swop I’d admit. More likely next game is Bishop up top and Moult replacing Jennings.

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