Balance Sheet: Wrexham v Woking


The big flag on the ERS.

Another fast start: this doesn’t appear to be a coincidence, but rather something which the pre-match warm-up and kick off routine appear to be designed to set up.

Louis Moult continues to look like a good all-round striker.

Elliot Durrell’s lively first half.

Despite from the winning goal, Ross White did well.
The second half.

The second goal.

The failure to create from half time until the last ten minutes.

Garry Hill,Woking’s manager, made fundamental changes to his set-up at half time which we failed to, or were unable to, respond to.

Andy Bishop’s injury time header – if he’d got it right he not only would have rescued a point but would have got a welcome boost after an injury-hit start to the season.

Two home games in a week; five points dropped.

Twice in a week one of our young goalkeepers has conceded a goal he won’t be happy with.

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