An Emotional Appeal: Rockin’ Robin’s costume

rockin_robin_bikeWe need your help finding the Rockin’ Robin costume!

So here I am writing about Rockin’ Robin… A cult figure at the club who made many generations enjoy their day out at The Racecourse, a young me included! Take nothing away from Wrex – He’s done an “okay job” but has never developed a real character and has presided over a dark period of the club’s history. I think we all need the Robin back in our lives! After all – they were the good ol’ days!

So here goes: I have read people time and time again on social media wanting the return of Rockin’ Robin and for that matter the nickname “The Robins” and always tipped my hat and agreed! Then on Saturday my other half Gemma (one of the match day scoreboard operators and Wrexham Player mischief maker!) said: “Where’s Rockin’ Robin and can we bring him back?” Mark Griffiths and I being slightly bemused by this looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Before we knew it Gemma was investigating in the office but came back empty handed.

It’s our 150th year – and I can’t go into too much into detail but what I can confirm is, a window of opportunity for Rockin’ has arisen – But where is he?

Seriously? Where’s that suit?

I am aware that finding the original suit is a long shot, but after speaking to various people about its whereabouts, I’m not so sure it is. The general consensus is – somebody has it! (If you took it you’re not in trouble!)

Yes, we have asked at the club and searched for it. We have chased up a few leads that have thus far come to nothing.


Bob Berridge was the man who wore Rockin’s feathers back in the day, the man behind Rockin’s madness – I have messaged him too. I hope he gets back to me! He married Tina Turfit (Simply the red breast!) on the pitch at half time in front of 6,000 Wrexham fans vs Burnley as Rockin’ – and went on to marry the lady in Tina’s suit in real life (true story!) – Michelle.

Geraint Parry tells me that someone took the suit home after Wrex was introduced in 2001 – but who, he can’t quite re-call – although he does tell me Carl Tunnah might know? (Mysterious?) He also confirms that rumours Rockin’ was at the old Dickins garage are false!

Allan Thomas

Rockin’ was the brainchild of Allan Thomas (Commercial Manager) who had the responsibility of the naughty robin’s antics.

But what of Wrex? Christian Smith (no not him!) was the then new commercial manager who decided to knock Rockin’ off his perch and replace him with the all new dragon.
He said “Rockin’ Robin will have to fly south I’m afraid. He will be replaced by new mascot, Wrex The Dragon” in 2001. He went on to say that “Wrex will modernize the club”. Trouble is, Smith promptly left the club after spending some money on the project and his replacement went on to carry the idea through.

As the Wrexham Player team – we ask for your help! Help us find that suit and we promise you will love what we have in store!

You can email me with information:
Twitter: @CarlHogan or @WrexhamPlayer

2 thoughts on “An Emotional Appeal: Rockin’ Robin’s costume

  1. i don’t wish to be the harbinger of doom, but wasn’t the costume burnt? I’m sure I saw a careworn Robin in the dark days, long after Wrex had taken over.
    I think it would be great if Carl wore the costume whilst filming the games, and interviewing people, in fact I think its his duty to do so.

    1. I’d defiantly wear it! Without doubt!
      We’ve heard that Rockin’ is safe and well along with the stories of him being burnt! I believe we are getting closer to an outcome though !

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