Wrexham FC v Macclesfield Town podcast

Here’s the Macclesfield podcast.


3 thoughts on “Wrexham FC v Macclesfield Town podcast

  1. I’m not happy. I’m now convinced Tomassen should play before Hudson. We lose a little aerial power but gain a better footballer at the back. I don’t care about his two goals, I think Tomassen will start more attacks than Hudson. I do care about Hudson’s positional sense, weak passing and clumsy footwork. I think he could come good, but Tommo is ahead of him in development. I know the attack looks good, but I feel Jennings would be better in the middle, and Moult would be better than Jennings out wide. I know that’s slightly twisty logic, but I think it makes sense. Moult would cover a bit better than Jennings, and boy do we need better cover.
    My last gripe is the substitutions so far, none of which have seemed to match the game being played, and have been more to do with a perception Durrell needed a rest. The Gateshead change seemed the most criminal to me, and today’s final substitution the least offensive, although we didn’t gain from it.

    1. Do you think the formation we saw after Bishop came on is what Wilkin is planning when he’s fully fit: Bishop up top, Moult in the hole and Jennings on the right? Does that explain Jennings not playing in the middle now, I wonder?

  2. My guess is that Wilkin may go all out 4-4-2 when Keates and Bishop are fully fit. I see Jennings/Moult/Bishop as the three to rotate for 2 spaces with Durrell shoehorned onto the left, and allowing a formation change to 4-3-1-2(York off+new fresh partner for Bish). I think/hope Jennings is out wide because he’s not fit enough to do the running Moulty is doing in the current formation. Your probably right Mark, and I’d prefer 4-3-3.

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