Casual sexism creeping in at The Racecourse; should we be surprised?

An excellent, thought-provoking piece from the Joe Clarke Project

The Joe Clarke Project

I have played and watched football my entire life, but it’s something of a lose-lose situation when you’re a women. You’re either having to defend your femininity to the archetypal “lads lad” (are they threatened when a girl plays better than them?); or you’re having to defend your love of the game to those very same lads (because having boobs and wearing skirts is tantamount to not understanding the offside rule, apparently).

Football is a difficult and oftentimes uncomfortable industry to work in as a woman; a quick google search and a scan of the comments is all that’s needed to prove how strife casual and institutionalised sexism is within the game we all love. Think back to the sexist storm that rained over the UK in 2007, following the announcement of Jacqui Oatley becoming the first woman to commentate on Match of the Day. And in 2011, when Sky…

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