Wrexham v Nuneaton Podcast

Here’s the Final Whistle podcast.

2 thoughts on “Wrexham v Nuneaton Podcast

  1. I’m so pleased the podcasts are back, and I think the word ‘hope’ sums up the mood, perhaps to be replaced with ‘belief’ if the chances start going in. I wonder how Clarke, Harris and maybe the fullbacks feel about the emphasis on their roles becoming more defensive. Might they feel its like a demotion? I see Harris and Clarke as Swashbuckling types. I wonder how they feel about not being permitted to buckle their swashes?

    Disappointing to see more evidence of North Korean style censorship in the podcast. Mark Griffith’s tribute to Nigel Farage has been removed up to 12mins 14secs, and other comments unknown having clearly been overdubbed from 17mins 25secs and replaced with a sanitised studio version. As a student of the JFK assassination I am highly conversant in theses techniques.

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