The Lease

Lots of thought-provoking stuff in this well-reasoned piece

The Joe Clarke Project

Perhaps it is now appropriate to evaluate our relationship with our landlords, Glyndŵr University. The lease is the single biggest contract we have signed as a club. It is so huge it dwarfs the contracts awarded to Wilko and all of his players. It will define our future as a club.

The news that Glyndŵr had bought the ground from the asset strippers received a generally positive reception from Wrexham fans.

The prevailing sentiment, at the time, was that at least the ground was free of the clutches of the spivs who owned the club and that the Uni would certainly be a better landlord than Messrs Moss and Roberts.

There were those who felt that a joint bid would have been more appropriate and who is to say they were wrong. It would certainly have given our club more security in the long run.

So the long struggle to…

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One thought on “The Lease

  1. A well written article. I have had a myriad number of ideas relating to ground ownership, and better utilisation of the Racecourse. I have come to two conclusions; firstly, the will of the supporters is predominantly focussed on promotion and the will of supporters is essential to any push for a change. Secondly, the Trust/Club board are making it clear their primary aim is promotion. As I stated in a previous article of mine, I’m not entirely happy with this sole focus, but you can’t argue with the opportunities that would arise if we were promoted. I would wildly estimate that promotion this season would generate a circa £500K profit, then we would receive the monies from the league. At that point you would have to seriously consider how best to invest the moneyl. I am in total agreement with the suggestion in the article that the current situation should not go unchallenged, but not now. There isn’t the will.

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