Excuse me Sirs?

Excuse me Sirs, I wonder if I may have a few minutes of your time, so that you can ask me some questions? You read that right, I want you to ask the questions.  If you take note of my opinions, and thoughts, I will feel that you value my contribution. If I feel you value my contribution I might keep contributing. If I feel you’re taking my views into consideration, I might keep supporting your actions. Your first question is probably ‘who are you?’. Well I’m one of many voices, and what we want matters. I’m one owner of Wrexham Football Club.

You don’t seem very clear as to what I’d like to be asked about. You are clear you have my support and appreciation for the work you’ve done, and the changes you are making, but if you don’t ask me what I want that may not always be the case. I’ve attended meetings and read many question and answer sessions, the communication in one direction is excellent.

Before I come to the questions I want you to ask, it’s worth considering a few recent events. Mark Creighton attended a Trust meeting before last season began, and appeared unhappy that the budget for players was not big enough. The size of the budget  is a very big deal, I’m in the minority I suspect in wanting a smaller playing budget, for reasons of sustainability. I think Mark, as a club owner deserves an input into that decision, he got a fait accompli. On positive notes, Glyndwr University are spending money on the ground, and the fans are raising money for the transfer budget. Did it cross your minds that the owners might want some of their money spent on infrastructure or community projects? It’s a bit simplistic to say it’s all Glyndwr’s responsibility. We as owners gain from better facilities, and we as owners might have different ideas as to the broad direction of spending. I don’t believe you got these decisions wrong, but you didn’t canvass the owners, at least not very many of them.

Before the takeover the Trust’s aim was clear, it was to save the club. Since then the saving of the club has been brilliantly handled. Before the takeover the Trust commissioned a questionnaire sent to all members, it was an excellent way to involve the owners. I think the time has come for you to ask me some more questions, here’s some ideas :

1. What major decisions do you want to be consulted on? Are there things you would not permit the board to do without consultation (Sack the manager perhaps, or spending over a certain limit)

2. What plans do you want us to have in place for football fortune. The sums could change the short term future of the club. (Neil Taylor’s transfer from Swansea could raise between £300,000 to £600,000, a season’s playing budget for WFC)

3. How do you want us to ensure the club always has somewhere to play. Do you want a determined effort to buy back our assets?

4. What, if anything, do you want doing with the Kop?

5. How are we doing? Do you still back us?

6. Would you authorise targeted drone strikes on Chester?

Thank you for your attention Sirs, I await your questions. I also suggest you read Animal Farm….. a cautionary tale.

2 thoughts on “Excuse me Sirs?

  1. Lets see you publish this then, you usually ignore this, so I’m going to repeat it across all social media so that people see what you’re up to.
    Creighton is basically a typical footballer, no idea of where the money comes from or where it goes. His latest ‘rant’ to get his mates contracts, then disappearing to Kidderminster kind of shows his loyalties, me,me,me, and anyone that listens to him as some sort of hero obviously have their own agenda.
    If I were on the club or Trust board, I would take what you post as an attack, though I would answer your questions;
    1. Of course the membership is consulted on things that are pertinent to the operation of the WST. Voting on sacking a manager? Really? its not football Manager, there are professional, experienced people running the club, are you saying you don’t trust them? Could you, or perhaps your good buddy Creighton, do better? get real
    2.Surely any plans would be for the football club to decide, as the money would be owed to the club? anyway, I imagine the plans would be in place, but commercially sensitive, And given the fickleness of Wrexham fans, I guess some of that would need to go towards propping up a budget that was designed on trusting fans to have the same commitment as the boards.
    3.I would like the club to be looking at moving out of the Racecourse to a purpose built stadium once we get back in the league, and we can afford it. Buying back the ground at a cost of over £2million, plus the cost of upkeep would kill the club.
    4. The Kop will eventually be replaced with a stand, as it is now, its beyond repair. How can the WST do anything? answers on a matchbox please.
    5. I think they’re doing great, especially when you see the occasional idiot fanboy taking the word of transient mercenaries over those of those who sweat blood for the club.
    6. Nope, how is Morrell and Barr to get a job if we bomb them?

    I also think you should listen to the words of one of your heros, Steph Booth ‘in the end, it will be the fans that kill the club’….a cautionary quote given the constant whinings on here and Red Passion.

    I learned from my last reply to your ramblings, and this will be Facebooked tonight.

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