And then  there were two

At first glance the news of those retained didn’t look like the seismic event some fans were calling for. I’ve mulled them over since and I think they amount to leaving us with only two certainties for next year. If you can see more than two you know more than me. Neil Ashton will play at leftback, and Andy Bishop will play up front down the middle . Everything else is mystery. I wish I had the lyrical skills of Donald Rumsfeld, and I feel it’s worth quoting the great man when faced with similar uncertainties ;

“because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”- Donald Rumsfeld, United States Secretary of Defense 2002.

I found my certainties on very shaky ground. Both players might move on, get injured, or, decide they are deities, give up football and go on lecture tours (a la W.S.A de facto president David Icke).  I think both are valuable to the club, but not valuable enough for anyone to prize them away, particularly now Forest Green’s chairman claims to be winding his neck in a bit. We have other players that are possibly too valuable to keep hold of. An example would be Jay Harris, whose value would be pretty unanimously affirmed by Wrexham fans, and another would be Joe Clarke whose value is far more disputed. Mayebi’s stock value fluctuates like Wrexham’s form this last season, I’ve lost track of how he would be rated now. The biggest ‘known unknown’ is what formation we will play. It means we can’t guess who will make any particular starting line-up. Alan Hansen is famous for saying ‘you can’t win anything with kids’. I have a similar and far smaller reputation for daft pronouncements, so here goes with another one : You can’t win anything with Keates in a 4-4-2. I use this example to make the point that even our captain, due to his age, height and pace cannot be seen as a shoo-in to start.  This fits in with another formation ”known unknown’, which is that Wilkin seems to prefer 1/2 strikers to the 3 preferred by Morrell and Saunders. So to summarise , I think the changes already made have had a massive impact on what we can expect next year. We have lost the bulk of any continuity we might have seen from last season to the next. My shaky conclusion is that it would be phenomenal if we metamorphosised  into a play-off winning side next season. We haven’t got the funds to plug the gaps with certainties, so we’re bound to spring a few unexpected leaks. And as for the ‘Unknown unknowns’ , well they’re unknown aren’t they! stupid.

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