I had a dream


Well the season has just ended and we’re feeling a mixture of sadness at failing in the playoffs again and contentment that we had a financially successful season. Andy Morrell can be pretty pleased with the season, but probably it’s a bit early for him to acknowledge this yet after the tragically unfortunate defeat to Cambridge in the  playoff semis.

The season’s first pivotal moment was Creighton’s decision to retire after a lot of heart-searching at the end of last season. His departure provided the funds to keep hold of Riley with a two year deal and make Carrington our first new signing. The early capture of Donaldson from Gateshead and Boyes from Barrow showed Morrell at his decisive best, even if the performances of our forward line was mixed, we have at least the makings of a potent strike force now Ormerod’s retirement has made space for the final piece of our attacking jigsaw.

The season started slowly, but steadily, picking up pace once Coughlin had replaced Mayebi and the front three of Donaldson, Boyes and Ormerod started to click with some nice cameos from Hunt and Cheesy. The fans lost patience with Boyes pretty early on, and repeated harping about the failure to sign Bishop from Bury overshadowed his season. He probably should have done better with Donaldson’s excellent service but 13 goals wasn’t such a bad return when added to Donaldson’s 10. The miserable return from Ormerod was perhaps the reason we didn’t storm the weakest league for a few years.

Undoubtedly the seasons success was founded on the secure defence and our ultimate failure was based, like last year, on a little bit of luck in front of goal. Or, put another way ; a little bit of money in front of goal. It was great to have the composure of Carrington to take some weight off Keates’ shoulders, and provide a steadying role when the more erratic genius of Clarke wasn’t needed. You have to give great credit to Tomassen for being able to step in down the middle, when Wright was needed on the right.We await the last piece of our attacking jigsaw, and ‘we go again’ with Morrell and the lads next year………………..(I feel the sharp pain of my wife’s hobnail boot impinging on my gluteus maximus)

Now I’ve woken from my snooze I don’t feel at all disappointed that we’re actually being led by Kevin Wilkin, but my dream has made me hope that he comes with luck as well as judgment

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