We’re Glad We’ve Got Brad


So there I was, chatting to my dad on the phone, telling him that the last thing I want is for Wrexham to go and bring somebody in on loan. Then I hang up, walk downstairs and find out we’ve got Bradley Reid back. As Bart Simpson says, the ironing is delicious.

The ironic element of this transaction extends beyond the obvious though. Oddly enough, the Reid deal is just about the only sort of loan I actually think is appropriate in our current position.

To go back to why, as a rule, I don’t want any temporary signings this season, my argument’s pretty basic: what’s the point? We’re not going up, we’re not going down: why waste a wage on a player who will have no impact whatsoever on the club’s status or prospects?

Also, as Kevin Wilkin is fresh behind the desk of his office, it seems to me that the logical thing to do is allow him to have a good look at the players he inherited before deciding which ones he’d want to keep. As negotiations with those he wants to hang onto need to start pretty soon, it makes sense to not fill a place in the team with a loanee.

Of course, if he was loaning a player in with an eye to signing them permanently, either to have a look at how they fitted in or as a chance to sell the club and his approach to them, then that’s a different matter. You can’t imagine how much I hope this is currently happening with Danny Livesey!

Clearly Reid doesn’t fall into that category though as Wolves have invested in him for the long term. But I still think his return is beneficial.

Firstly, I assume this deal isn’t going to be costly because it’s part of the original transfer. In fact, bearing that in mind I wonder who determined the timing of the move: if I was Wolves I’d want a good look at him first, and to allow him back around this point of the season; if I was Andy Morrell I’d have wanted him back when the team started stuttering around Christmas.

Second, he fits the bill in terms of the sort of player we need right now, as we’re looking terribly short in the attacking third. There’s no point in soldiering on if the morale is dipping as that hardly gives Wilkin a chance to get off on the front foot. Attack is an area that clearly needs addressing, and perhaps the manager can assess some of his options better by kick-starting that part of the team. He might have been able to draw swift conclusions in that area anyway; it’s easier to measure the output of players who are in the side to score and create.

It’s perhaps a sign of the flat state of our campaign that I see us bring in a teenager and get excited that he might be able to energise things. That’s a heck of a burden to put on a kid with four career starts and one goal to his name. But Reid does have ability and spark, plus one more characteristic which makes this deal appealing: a burning desire to perform against Chester! The derby’s our one remaining objective this season, and we’ve just brought in a player who’s  desperate to perform at The Deva!

One thought on “We’re Glad We’ve Got Brad

  1. I think your judgement is spot on about the loan. I think any goals he might score are of secondary importance to giving our other strikers a platform. We cannot currently say any of our strikers are nailed on for keeping. I have my views on who is worth keeping but have no recent evidence to back my views up. My only small regret about the move is that my fantastical idea that Joe Clarke would make a striker is unlikely to be tested

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