Nigel Cluff takes the helm at Wrarsenal Tigers

Astonishing events at Wrexham FC on Thursday when Kevin Wilkin took to the stage stating “For two years Matthew, I’m going to be Nigel Clough”. In probably the boldest move ever made by a Wrexham board the club is being transformed into a tribute club, with the exciting new name Wrarsenal Tigers FC and a smattering of talented people giving loving devotions to the biggest stars. Who would have believed our board could have turned round our image in such dramatic style. We might not be the real thing, but we’re not far off!

Here’s a rundown:

Kevin Wilkin                                                                    Nigel Clough

Life is tough running a successful club, so we’ve brought in Stan Boardman impersonator and all-round funny -man Barry Horne to bring pizzazz to recruitment.


Stan Boardman                                                  Barry Horne

Of course the playing staff is already packed with stars, but you can be assured our new Fame Academy at Glyndwr University will ensure we’re gonna live forever, light up the sky like a flame. I feel it coming together, baby remember our name.

To see the season out with a huge fanfare we have tributes from :
del3Stephen Wright as Prince Charles

del4Elliot Durrell as David Beckham

Brett Ormerod as Brett Ormerod’s Dad!

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