Braintree Town 3 Wrexham 0


Billy Barr’s chances of getting the managerial job at Wrexham always hinged on his results. Disadvantaged by not being a new start as a result of his membership of Andy Morrell’s coaching team, he looked like a bit of a long shot to me. However, he had one crucial thing in his favour: as the man in possession, he could force himself to the top of the queue by virtue of a string of good results. After the stirring performance at Hereford that looked a possibility, but two games later,it looks like that opportunity to grab the initiative might prove to be the factor which fatally damages his chances.

Barr’s record now stands at one win, one draw and two defeats. He can point to a squad which needs restocking and argue he deserves a chance to do the necessary Summer shop, but it’s unlikely to wash. Sadly, you suspect that time is running out on his chances of succeeding his erstwhile boss.

Losing 3-0 at Braintree doesn’t look pretty. They shouldn’t be underestimated or patronised, but it’s still a result which will draw opprobrium from the fans, who’ll look at the scoreline and feel humiliated. Since Morrell went we’ve taken two nasty away beatings, and we’ve failed to score in five of our last six games. All of a sudden the end of the season can’t come soon enough.

Not that circumstances have been fair to Barr. Losing Danny Livesey at half time can’t help; the goal we conceded in the first half was the only time the Livesey-Wright combination has let one in during the 235 minutes they’ve played together. But the board aren’t likely to tale such matter into account.

Wrexham(4-4-2): Coughlin; Tomassen, Livesey (Artell 46), Wright, Ashton;Ā Carrington, Harris (Reynolds 75), Keates, Hunt (Ogleby 57); Anyinsah, Ormerod. Unused subs:

2 thoughts on “Braintree Town 3 Wrexham 0

  1. My view differs from yours on the ‘re-stocking’. I’m not willing to move to an alternative picture where we were never going to get to the playoffs with the squad assembled this season. That becomes a pretty easy criticism to lay at a previous regime. My view of current affairs is that this squad WAS capable of reaching the playoffs but injuries have prevented that, particularly cruel to our attacking threat was Anyinsah’s mugging at Macc and Durrell’s knee problem. The 4-4-2 change has not turned out to be a panacea some hoped for. It is perhaps forgotten that Saunders started with two poor souls struggling in midfield and decided better of it.

    I’m not saying the squad doesn’t have some passengers, all squads do, but I couldn’t list enough passengers to justify our failure to reach the playoffs.

    I agree Billy Barr’s chance has probably gone.

    1. I see things more closely to you than it might appear. I think the squad’s not as bad as it appears at the moment, but I think there has to be some spring cleaning done. Morrell ought to have been given the opportunity to do it.

      I must admit, though, that at the moment it feels like something’s broken. Barr talked of bringing in loan players to freshen up the squad, and I think he’s onto something. He won’t get the chance to do so, though!

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