Is Billy Our Man?


I was planning to write about how we’ve stuck to 4-3-3 despite the howls of protest from some quarters because we don’t have the players to play 4-4-2. After last Saturday’s game I had to abort that idea! Thanks Mister Barr!

The thing which threw me was the deployment of Mark Carrington on the right of midfield. An obvious ploy, with hindsight: after all, he’s a midfielder by trade and has been impressive at right back this season. However, I saw him more as a central midfielder if played further forwards. With his neat passing and vision I assumed he was more of a Dean Keates replacement than a wide man, an impression accentuated by three useful performances in that role before Christmas.

How wrong I was!

Carrington was excellent at Hereford, as was Johnny Hunt on the other side. A 4-4-2 works when the wide men get into threatening positions, and both of them certainly did that, not only having shots on goal but also delivering some good balls into the box.

Which leads us to the key question. Where does this leave Billy Barr in terms of the manager’s job? That performance certainly addressed a lot of the issues which fans have raised. The team were clearly motivated and eager to perform, and there was a variety of approach and evidence he could do good organisation work in the week at Collier’s Park shown by their comfortable adaptation to the change of formation.

The reaction to the names being touted around as possible successors to Andy Morrell fascinated me. There seems to have been a terrific amount of enthusiasm for Frank Sinclair, for instance, which I find confusing. After all, Colwyn Bay are mid-table in the division below us, a good distance off the play-offs. I’m not sure I follow the logic of replacing Andy Morrell with somebody who has less managerial experience and whose team has essentially done exactly what us this season, but a level lower.

Those fans who are weighing the options carefully will have noticed what Barr did last Saturday. Those who advocate Robbie Savage as our next boss are beyond help, sadly! I hate to rain on their parade, but I can’t help bringing up that fact that a couple of weeks ago he was on Danny Baker’s FiveLive show as a participant in the legendary Sausage Sandwich Game and when asked which team he was representing he declared for Blackburn Rovers!

It’ll be interesting to see how Barr’s Wrexham fare against Kidderminster on Friday. It has to be said that Hereford looked like a side who will be in serious danger of being dragged further into the relegation scrap, although to be fair our performance was a major factor in their poor showing.

The Harriers will be an interesting challenge. They’re habitual play-off contenders, but their recent form is pretty horrible. If Barr can get his team to replicate their efforts at Edgar Street, he might just be building up a strong case for the board to consider.

2 thoughts on “Is Billy Our Man?

  1. Ignoring the result it achieved, changing to 4-4-2 was a pretty clever addition to the Barr C.V. It said ‘look at me, I can provide continuity and greater flexibility’. We can’t now have a new face changing the formation and getting the glory. A new face could only bring in new players (on loan) and shuffle what we have around. Perhaps there’s no point in a new face? My unsubstantiated judgment is that beating Kiddie might delay a decision ,and winning a further game might tip it in Barr’s favour. Interestingly that set of results would also have us all getting frothy about the play-offs again.

    1. I think you’re right: the timing of the appointment is key. Barr’s best chance of landing the job lies in the decision being delayed and the team racking up a series of good results under him.

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