#awaydaylive explained

You may have looked at the various media outlets the club has on Friday evening to see for the first time the hashtag #awaydaylive and wondered what’s this all about? It’s simply a concept that has been months in planning and in waiting. Saturday’s test run was just the start of the experience.

The idea of #awaydaylive was born while I was sat in a seminar held by the club’s web providers Football League Interactive. While openly brainstorming with a few Premier League and Football League clubs, the initial concept sprung into my head and I kept it to myself – apart from eagerly telling Geraint Parry and Mark Griffiths about the idea hours later!

It is quite basic when stripped to the bones – it’s a small look behind the scenes at away games, getting you to an area where fans won’t normally be privvy to. It’s for the ease of a visual update rather than going and reading about the major updates in the game. It all comes more or less live as it happens. it’s simple to find and easy to use – and FREE!

There’s more to come as we have Chester penciled in for #derbydaylive! This will be a different animal as the team will be filming from the team coach journey, the changing rooms, the ever popular tunnel cam, the warm up, live updates and reaction, pitch side cams – to the journey home.

On Saturday morning the planning came to fruition as we made our way to Hereford. We’d teamed up light for the day with Mark and Ben commentating while Richard and myself would carry out the #awaydaylive feature.

We were very well treated by Hereford and nothing was too much trouble – we were even allowed in places that the “biggies of media” were not! Indeed all other media outlets were promptly kicked out of the reception area while I was preparing to interview Billy Barr!

That’s the beauty of this, we are not essentially media, we represent the club and its website.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing as we did encounter a few technical hitches along the way. This trial run and experience finding mission at Hereford will help us when we go to Chester.

One problem was a constant wifi connection. Indeed I thought I had prepared for this by taking a mobile “mifi” router with me – but without a good 3G signal it wasn’t much use in certain areas of the ground. We only had a “good” wifi connection in one small area of the ground so some of the uploads were quite slow (we wanted instant uploading) as we moved on to film elsewhere. So that’s something we will address next time.

Also we have had a small audio issue for the past two games which has been due to a trail and error process with our swanky new microphone – but we have this sorted now.

So on to Chester we go.

We will have a bigger media team on the day and have the experience of #awaydaylive @ Hereford!
There will be 1200 ish Wrexham fans in attendance, but how many will miss out? Your guess is as good as mine but I should imagine around 8000 won’t be able to be “under the bubble”! So the idea is – get to YouTube and see out the derby, remembering that when you view the video, it helps the club financially.

We will then move on to Forest Green Rovers on final day for the last #awaydaylive of the season. The team will then go away and prepare to bring you commentary and videos of preseason 2014/15!

You can contact me directly regarding #awaydaylive on twitter @CarlHogan

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