Time for a support group!


Hereford have lost their last four games, haven’t won in five, had only fourteen players in training yesterday and are in danger of collapsing off the pitch with the players having a meeting with the board today to thrash out whether their contracts will be honoured until the end of the season.Worried yet? This sounds like an embarrassing defeat waiting to happen.

I saw their game against Macclesfield in midweek and although they rallied in the second half, they didn’t really show much to worry us until it was too late. The trouble is, if a Hereford fan had seen the Luton match they would have drawn the same conclusions and then some! This is a battle between two sides at a low ebb,and if it was ever possible for both sides to emerge from a game pointless, you suspect this is it! We might need to get together with the Bulls’ fans at the end of the game and form a support group!

The timing of this game is a real shame for Hereford.They need attendances of two thousand for the remainder of the season to break even and might have been swelled by a travelling army tomorrow if this game had taken place nearer Christmas, or at least a couple of weeks ago when the vague hope of the play-offs was still alive. As it is, it’s likely to be pretty flat at Edgar Street tomorrow. Hereford barely broke the thousand mark on Tuesday and they won’t be making up much of the shortfall against us, I fear.


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