Picking up the pieces in Tesco car park


There’s a comment on Wrexham’s Instagram account, under a picture of Billy Barr talking to the press this morning, which sums things up.

can’t believe Andy Morrell got resigned.


I couldn’t really believe it either when I first heard it. It was a bit of a JFK moment – where were youwhen you heard he’d gone? I was in Tesco car park, and a tweet caught my eye.


“Hold on”, I thought, “why would someone tweet that unless…”

And then the penny dropped.

If I sound a little like I’m working through my grief then I guess that’s not too far off the truth. Andy Morrell is a man of dignity and I don’t like the thought of things going pear-shaped for him. I also don’t like the fact that he hasn’t been able to get his teeth into the task of turning things around next season, but I’ll hold fire on that: I’m sure I’ll be rattling on about it constantly for the next couple of weeks.

I just hope we make the next steps with sure feet.


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