Nothing can go wrong now!

Here’s more Congy Red goodness!


I’m writing this before we beat Barnet. That’s right BEFORE we beat Barnet. I have carefully analysed our current situation and ‘Nothing can go wrong now’.

Fans of the DJ Danny Baker may recognise the phrase. He asked football fans to ring in and give him stories about their teams when they were cruising to victory, and were hit by catastrophic circumstances. My Wrexham memory was a game at the Racecourse, which I think was against Blackpool. We were winning 3-0 and they brought on Tony Ellis late in the second half. Tony Ellis was a rather good striker and the painful experience that ensued will not be further recounted here. My point is that EVERYTHING has gone wrong so far. It stops going wrong here.

Our defence, after a terrible run of fortune is now impenetrable. Danny Livesey has added a tad of pace, and Steve Tomassen has stepped up superbly. I suspect Neil Ashton has been keeping a wary eye on Tommo, but will now be more confident in his abilities, which will increase Neil’s attacking threat.

Our midfield, usually the best in the league, has also had its injury problems. We have now glimpsed Kevin Thornton, Rob Evans is the future, and Joe Clarke is looking mercurial. I see no flaw in the midfield set-up, even if Keates and Harris prove fragile in the run-in. We could always move Carrington into midfield and enjoy watching the peerless Parle again at right back.

The attack has been playing superbly all season. They have fully utilised every opportunity that it has been humanly possible to utilise (careful word choice there). The number of utilisable opportunities will henceforth be increased, and thus the goals scored. Anyinsah gets sharper by the game, Ormerod will be dying to contribute, and I hope my jaw can survive being repeatedly dropped as a result of the effortless skills of Durrell. In attack we always have Johnny Hunt to provide drive, link play and the odd goal. I can’t judge who will the first choice attack, it doesn’t really matter, the individual quality of the forwards will ensure of varied and delicious smorgasbord of goals.

Some will consider this article as tempting fate. I’m not tempting fate, I’m poking it with a large sharp stick whilst kicking it up the bottom, and spilling its pint. Fate has annoyed me this season, this is my revenge. The American Warren Buffett is known as the Sage of Omaha due to his predictions of stock market performance. After today I shall be known as the Sage of Congleton, so sit back, relax and enjoy the inevitable.

Congy Red.

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