Poll Results: who is Wrexham’s first choice striker?


To be honest, the results of the poll I set up asking who you’d select as Wrexham’s first choice striker threw up the winner I expected, and that in itself illustrates something a little worrying about our season.

Despite having scored the third most goals per game in the Skrill Premier, being the fifth highest scorers of a division in which just seven sides have played fewer games, and having a couple of forwards who’ve scored hat tricks, there’s still a lingering feeling that we need a bit more from the forward line.

Andy Morrell recognised that when, despite already having a lot of options up front, he drafted in another forward during January. And your votes also reflected it as you’ve voted that player, Elliott Durrell, as the striker you most want to see in the starting line-up despite having only seen 32 minutes of him in a Wrexham shirt and some enticing footage on youtube!


So you’ve looked at our forward choices and plumped for an unknown quantity as your first choice. Furthermore, in second place you’ve selected another player who offers promising glimpses of something special but has yet to be able to put anything consistent together: Joe Anyinsah has certainly had his moments, but injuries have severely hampered his ability to influence our season in any meaningful way. Since arriving in August he’s completed ninety minutes just four times and missed ten of thirty two games through injury.

As the table below shows, we don’t have a prolific scorer: only Andy Morrell, who hasn’t had much pitch time, averages better than a goal every two games. The big surprise is that when you only take into account the time he plays on the left of the front three, Johnny Hunt is our third most prolific forward! The other interesting figure is the relative potency of Adrian Cieslewicz when it comes to providing assists.

Goals, assists and combined per minute by Wrexham strikers 2013-14. Small figures denote position in relation to other strikers.
Goals, assists and combined per minute by Wrexham strikers 2013-14. Small figures denote position in relation to other strikers.

So you picked a striker you haven’t seen and a player who’s often injured as your top two. But like I said, I expected this to be the case. Strangely, despite being statistically potent up front, the sensation from watching games is that we need a little extra something up front. A poll result which smacks a little of desperation reflects that.

One thought on “Poll Results: who is Wrexham’s first choice striker?

  1. I voted Ormerod, Mr consistency. How anyone votes for a player they can only hope turns good is beyond me. I think if Anyinsah stayed fit he could the Conference’s answer to Heskey (A very big if sadly). After AM’s comments after the Dartford game I think we’re likely to see Ormerod, Anyinsah, and Durrell up front at Cambride. Matches the fans view perfectly!

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