Mid-Table’s Where The Action Is!

mid_tableIt was as I was idly browsing around, looking for some info as part of my research for the commentary this afternoon on Wrexham Player, that I noticed something which put the season into perspective. It’s a waiting game this season, and the mini-league in mid-table might just be decisive in shaping the final table.

We’ve been pulling ourselves together of late, and I must admit that it caught me by surprise when I realised after Tuesday’s match that we’re now just six points off the play-offs! It really brings home how different a team we are compared to what we were like in the first six weeks of the season, and sharpens the regret at having dropped so many soft points (indeed, a glance at the bottom sides will illustrate just how many points have been squandered against the bottom five.)

But what really caught my eye this morning was the calibre of the teams around us in the table. We face Forest Green today, of course, and they’re on a run of three straight wins as they start to live up to their playboy image under new management. And look at the other resurgent sides in our vicinity: while we ought not to have lost at Macclesfield, as long as they have Connor Jennings they’ll keep flying up the table, while Gateshead played the best football we’ve come up against this season by a distance, even though we beat them in the end.

In fact, Kidderminster are the only side we’ve faced from the top end of the table who’ve impressed me, and even then we did well at Aggborough last week in a game which was eventually overwhelmed by events.

Everybody has been clinging onto the possibility that we’ll do what Kidderminster and Mansfield did last season and roar up the table after a poor start. But we’re not the only ones looking to do that. I’d be amazed if at least on of the sides in the caption at the top of this post aren’t in the play-offs come April. This little mid-table mini-league is a fascinating feature to keep an eye on this season.

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