Financial Fair Play: If only the Conference would follow suit

Interesting piece this, although the fees bandied around by the megaclubs suggests FFP might not have the teeth we were promised. Not that anyone told Anzhi’s sugar daddy it would seem!

Shouting from The Kop

English: Ryan Valentine scores the goal that k...

Now that financial fair play rules have to be a serious consideration for most football clubs, they now have to show a financial sustainability that they haven’t had to in previous years, this is putting extra pressure on football clubs to live within their means.

Ironically with all Wrexham FC’s lack of money, if the Conference introduced financial fair play, we would be ahead of the game and people would be looking to follow the Wrexham model in how to become sustainable and successful simultaneously.

Granted the cup runs in the last couple of seasons have helped enormously, but they have also attracted fans to games that Wrexham probably didn’t even know they had a couple of seasons ago.  Merchandise has brought in  a good share of income from the club shop and with the increase in revenue League Two football would offer, the balance sheet at Wrexham FC would…

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