Old Fart is a no show at Wembley!


The old fart won’t be going to Wembley…again. I won’t be eating a curly-wurly either. I didn’t want it to be Newport County because I’ve got a soft spot for them, so much so that I have written a short play about them. It is a play about the Newport County side who travelled to Germany and played Carl Zeiss Jena under Len Ashurst. I wrote it as a dedication to an old friend of mine Robert Reed or Big Bob who passed away of a brain aneurysm.

I will be devastated if Wrexham lose but I will be upset if Newport lose! I live in South Wales but my heart is on the Kop at Wrexham and before that the old wooden Plas Coch stand. Don’t tell anybody but I haven’t taken to that new fangled stand. Another excuse I shall proffer is that I can’t afford it. £39.00 or £46.00 for a Ticket then train or coach travel in front of that and after hearing of my friend’s nightmare trip to Wembley the last time where he missed extra time and the penalty shoot out I thought Nah! My Job Seekers Allowance won’t stretch to it and I can’t take the risk of seeing Iain Duncan Smith if I travel down there, to that there London like because there’s no knowing how he would extricate himself from my Ninja Neck Death Grip( No Politics Please) It will be on S4C with hopefully the dream team of Nic Parry and Malcolm Allen sylwebi-ing! (That’s commentating) I salute all you true fans who will be travelling down and don’t forget to give ‘Mae Hen wlad fy nhadau’ some ‘cajones’!

Come 5.00 clock Sunday we’ll know which Welsh team will be in the second division. If it’s extra time and penalties, I don’t think the old ticker will be able to take it. I’ll be up before the ATOS board again. I’ve actually written a short monologue about Wrexham as well just to even things out a bit. I’ll leave you with this and sincerely hope to see you all in the Second Division next season.

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