What’s that smell?

Wrexhamfan: placing product since 2006
The wardrobe creaks open and out steps the mummified figure wrapped in red & white bandages of……the Old Fart.

Where has he been these last three months when Wrexham F.C’s fortunes have swung like the pendulum of a grandfather clock? Trying to log back in to his WordPress Account!

Silver Surfer (My’n uffarn i) Well you know you’re not going to get a blow by blow match analysis from this fellow. Hats off to the Boss (Mark Griffiths) for those. When you were all basking in the subterranean heat of Wembley Way, yours truly was in West Wales, at a secret location just south of Aberystwyth trying to work out the buttons on a remote control! On a visit to family I had discovered that the deadly double act of Nic Parry and Malcolm Allen were wordsmithying across the screens of S4C and being a Bilingual Old Fart (I can talk rubbish in Welsh & English) I decided to settle down with a Curly Wurly,(Product Placement) a Cup of Coffee and the Cat on my lap!

Well by the end of the 90 minutes, the cat had no fur left! I was up and down out of my seat like a fiddler’s elbow. My voice was as hoarse as Malcolm Allen’s by the end. What a game! Tense! I heard from a mate that he had left at the end of the ninety minutes to get back to Victoria to catch his coach back to Cardiff. It was only when he got back to his des res in Das Kapital that he discovered the drama that had unfolded. He also moaned about the price of a pint of beer! £4.00 for a pint of water, hops and barley. Watching those penalties reminded me of the game against Brighton and I thought the Grimbleweeds would be jammy enough to pip it again but the best team on the day took it! / Wrexham / (Oops slipped back to my seven year old self there)

So here we are again! I didn’t think top of the table was sustainable! Wrexham are not a machine! We are a team of vulnerable and emotional human beings who give not a fig for the heart conditions and nervous tics and dispositions of their fans. Well at least it won’t be Luton this year and we have beaten Mansfield, Grimsby and Newport (at home) and drawn with the County (away)I was there!

I hope we don’t get Newport out of the three! We should have enough confidence and charisma to get second spot. The novelty of the Blue Conference is waning now! We want to go to exotic locations again like….Rochdale and Morecambe and Aldershot! Bring it On!

Sound Effect of Creaking Door as Old Fart returns to his Cardiff Sarcophagus!

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