Shake, rattle and goal….

imageHave you seen it yet?

The first teaser from Mark Creighton’s ‘Beast Cam’ chronicles – where the almost fit again  defender capturing all the build up and post-match chaos around the trip to Wembley – is now available for public consumption. Whether they are ready for it, however, is another thing.
Doing their own version of the worldwide phenomenon that is the ‘Harlem Shake’ Andy Morrell’s squad haven taken a full zany chapter out of the Crazy Gang’s book.
Recorded in their dressing room at the famous stadium two days before the big game, the trailer opens with all the players looking disinterested and trying to keep straight faced as Joe Clarke starts thrusting his hips like a youthful Tom Jones.
Then, when the beat drops, it’s a sight for sore eyes. But only sore from tears of laughter.
Several players are jigging about wearing nothing but their scrundies and socks, Costa devotee Glen Little is serenading a coffee machine whilst game-changer Adrian Cieslewicz is bounding around like a ravenous Tasmanian devil.
Amidst the crazy scenes you’ll also see Neil ‘Debbie McGhee’ Ashton clamber and hide in a metal kit carrier, Stephen Wright and Andy Coughlin bench pressing packs of mineral water, Jay Colbeck in a sack, skipper Dean Keates with a bin on his head, Chris Westwood jigging whilst blindfolded and, in what is surely a goal celebration to come, the sight of a grinning Jay Harris pedalling an imaginary exercise bike formed by several team-mates.
All of this whilst a head-nodding Brett Ormerod is pouring himself a cuppa in the background.
Hilarious and surreal. But not quite as surreal as Saturday’s defeat at Hyde.
Whoever The Lord Mayor is he needs to stop putting on these shows of his. Because after his latest one Wrexham stunk.
It was insipid, dire, abject. Dele Adebola bore the brunt of fan’s fury, although none of the players could have complained if they had all got it in the neck.
But we will bounce back. We always do. As is it now quite clear, this lot are as comfortable around one another swinging their y fronts at an illegal rave as they are on the pitch. They need to find that rhythm once again.

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