Memories of a terrific rivalry!

Blyth Spartans AFC - making history since 1899

The Debenhams Cup was one of several short-lived football competitions introduced in the 1970’s.

It lasted for just two seasons 1976-77 and 1977-78 and was competed for between the two sides from outside the top two divisions of the Football League to have progressed furthest in the FA Cup. If teams had made the same stage of the competition, a system was in place beginning with replay eliminations to work out the 2 sides who had gone the furthest.

How did the Debenhams Cup come about in the first place and how were the FA persuaded to allow a sponsor to be associated, even indirectly, with the FA Cup when it would not be for another 18 years (until 1994) before they allowed sponsorship of the prized trophy itself and even then it had to be specifically called The FA Cup sponsored by Littlewoods.

The story is surprisingly simple…

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