Glorious Gubba!


“Ohhhhh what a goal Mickey Thomas!” The immortal words etched into every Wrexham fan’s memory as Mickey Thomas scored THAT free kick against Arsenal in the FA Cup Third Round at The Racecourse back in 1992. The commentator was Tony Gubba who sadly passed away at the weekend after a career that lasted over 40 years.

A sad day for all those who followed sport as Gubba was an instantly recognisable voice. From covering the Olympic Games in 1972, to commentating at every World Cup from 1974 to 2006, Gubba led a glorious career. His commentaries even appeared in “The Damned United” the 2009 film about Brian Clough’s 44 days in charge of Leeds United.

Not only fantastic at what he did, but he was an inspiration, especially to a young aspiring commentator such as me. An ever present on Match of the Day and even the commentator on Dancing on Ice up until February 2013, Tony Gubba achieved magnificent success that most sports journalists can only dream of.

In early 2012, Gubba was named as the third longest serving commentator on British television after John Motson and Gerald Sinstadt. I really looked up to Tony Gubba and followed his work closely. If I can achieve half of what this glorious voice of sport did, then I will be more than overjoyed.

Wrexham fans can associate the late Tony Gubba with one of the most historic moments in the club’s 149 year anniversary. “And Arsenal’s world is falling around their ears!” was the cry from Gubba as Steve Watkin knocked in the winner to give Wrexham a famous giant killing over the First Division side.

A true legend, a perfect professional and an inspiration to all those aspiring to make it in commentary, Tony Gubba, you shall be missed.

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