Away Coach Sponsorship

The VIP away coach travel prize draw will take place at half time during the Alfreton home game, on 2nd March.

We are keeping the draw open until Wednesday next week 27th Feb and then the draw will be closed and the individual draw numbers announced online and published in the trust shop.

We have so far exceeded expectations and raised over £750, still money coming in, so watch this space for additional prizes to be announced.

What better prize could you ask for than to be on the team coach with the players on what we hope will be a Championship winning game!!

Truly a prize of a lifetime…………

Tickets still available online via paypal and BACS or if you want to pay cash and you are going Saturday pm Chids on Red Passion. Either way pm Chids for further details.

This really is a prize not to be missed a truly memorable experience (hopefully)

I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has supported this by purchasing tickets and also a massive massive thanks to Quay Red for all his ideas, support and organisation.

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