A Great Night, But Mansfield Lurk Ominously

It’s in our hands now, kids!

A crucial win at Gateshead, which sends the club with no home into the relegation zone, and a surprise slip-up by Grimsby at Braintree leaves the title’s destiny in our control. It’s a good feeling, and while the theoretical dream of winning every game from now to the end of the season will remain in the realms of fantasy, we’re in a position now to exert pressure with every win we earn. A good run of form over the next couple of weeks could be decisive.

As I’ve already pointed out, March is a tough month for us, and a couple of remaining games really stand out for me. We’re done with Grimsby, Newport and Forest Green of course, which is no bad thing as we now have the advantage over all of them and they’ve no chance of gaining ground by beating us. However, Mansfield are starting to look ominous.

Their form shows no sign of falling apart as a result of the fixture backlog caused by their FA Cup run, and by Saturday night they’l have played just one match less than us. If they win their games in hand they’ll be just two points behind us. and we haven’t played them yet.

Come to think of it, the title’s in their hands too, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “A Great Night, But Mansfield Lurk Ominously

  1. Surely it’s in Newport’s hands??? If Newport win all their games no-one can catch them. I know that’s unlikely but that is the premise of your blog isn’t it?

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