It’s not all doom and gloom!

Head in hands
“Have you seen the league table? We’re only second.”

As a Wrexham fan I enjoy discussing the club at any opportunity. However, I often find myself overhearing talk of the club that I find not only strange, but at times quite alarming. Recently, the topic seems to have been the transfer window or, more specifically, the lack of movement during the transfer window.

Whilst I cannot say for sure whether or not we were attempting to sign players behind the scenes, I can say that the situation we found ourselves in after the Southport game (Morrell Reaches For The Batphone As Mayebi’s Season Ends) certainly saw an unavoidable change in priorities. Whilst it has been apparent throughout the season that we are in need of a goalscorer and a creative midfielder (that can help unlock the seemingly endless amount of teams that park the bus in this league!), we are competing with teams that can offer far more financial incentive than we ourselves.

  Contract Signing
One of the luxuries we forfeited when the WST rescued the club from ever-growing list of footballing casualties was to break the bank in order to sign players. Now I for one have accepted this fate, and am perfectly content with life after the Moss/Roberts regime. However, it appears that some believe that our lack of new signings is essentially another forfeiting of the title. This seems to be a rather naive point of view. Sure, the club could have gone for broke in an attempt to achieve promotion at any cost but, in doing so, would jeopardise the long-term future of the club; this simply isn’t an option.

With several players returning to full fitness over the coming weeks, the squad will soon enough be at full strength, giving Morrell a selection headache that perhaps he hasn’t had to cope with as much as he would have liked this campaign. With a trip to Wembley becoming a real possibility, this will surely give players that extra bit of incentive to get themselves on the teamsheet.

Although we haven’t been able to maintain the top spot for a long period of time this season, we have managed to ensure that we are in contention. Anyone in the running come February is in with a chance of winning the title, and so it really is in our hands. With 15 league games left to grab that top spot, and 180 minutes of football against Gainsborough Trinity before a potential trip to Wembley, there is a real chance for this to be a season to remember for what was achieved on the pitch, rather than what failed to happen off of it.

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