The Crunch Has Arrived

All this talk of Wembley is both intoxicating and dangerous.

Of course, it’s natural to relish the moment and indulge in a little bit of cup fever. We can’t afford to take our eyes off the ball now though: having beaten Southport with what appeared to be an element of comfort on Saturday, it would be a huge set-back to take things for granted tonight and let vital points slip.

Clearly Andy Morrell has recognised the danger of this happening, and warned against complacency.

He must be itching to rotate up front, a luxury he’s been denied by annoying niggles to the likes of Brett Ormerod, and it will be interesting to see if he’s give Adrian Cieslewicz, who has spent more time on the bench of late than at any other point in the season, a start. His faith his new contract showed in him seems, ironically, to have coincided with a diminution of his opportunities in the starting eleven.

Morrell likes a good rotate in his forward line, but he might find his opportunities to do so limited by the realities of our changed priorities this season. As he admits,

“In the first few rounds you can mix and match a little bit and give your players some game time but we are so far in we may as well try and win it, or at least get a trip to Wembley.

“Not many players in the Conference have the chance to go to Wembley, but this is one so we need to go for it and give it everything, like we are going to do for the 19 remaining league games.”

So resting ageing legs is off the agenda for now. Last Saturday marked the point where we finally hit the gas and committed ourselves to sprinting for the line.

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