Old Fart Down the Diff

I live not far from the Cardiff City stadium and have you noticed how changing to the Red Strip has improved their fortunes this year. Although having lived in its vicinity for almost a quarter of a century the antipathy I feel towards the Bluebirds is tangible. I went to Ninian Park once with a friend from North Wales and vowed I would never go again after having my earlug battered by a racist having a go at the black referee. It has always surprised me how a number of celebrity North Walians choose to follow the ‘so called’ Capital’s team (Only made a Capital in 1957) The Super Fluffy or is it Furry Animals sponsored a strip but they are from North West Wales so I suppose it was a tossup between Bangor and Cardiff

From here I have travelled to Bristol Rovers, Bristol City and Swindon. When I was working in London I got to all the games in the South East and the Midlands. In fact by now, I think I have probably been to as many away games as I have home. The way I talk and write about Wrexham you probably think I am a very old man with a long white beard who looks a bit like Methusala but you might be surprised to learn that I am ‘only’ 46, a spring chicken in old fart terms.

I am writing this just to see my name on a Blog Post again. It’s a Buzz and I thank Mark Griffiths for giving me the opportunity. I remember writing to a Newspaper in Wreham, it wasn’t the Leader, was there one called the Express once and asking for a job as a Cub reporter. I had read a book by Derek Lambert called ‘Don’t Quote me But..’ and was enthused by the possibility of becoming a reporter. The advice in this book said ‘Be Bold, tell them who you are and tell them that they would be foolish not to employ you. Well I did and the letter I got back was not very complimentary telling me not to be such a big head.

Most of you reading this get to the home games and have opinions and are passionate, why not get them down ont screen and send them in. I feel a bit of a Fraudulent Old Fart being so far away and my ramblings are not really up to date but hey, better late than never!

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