This is starting to get difficult!

It’s the day of a big cup tie and I’m absolutely gutted!

Having had an operation on my throat on Thursday, I was hoping to be able to go to Southport today. Maybe I could have done, at a pinch, but I don’t feel quite right, so I think I’m probably wise to stay at home. Trouble is, now I’m sitting about wishing ‘d made the opposite decision!

I’ve already gone through the dramas of whether the game will be played or not through my lad, who has gone on the train with his mate, sitting in my front room refreshing Red Passion, Southport’s website and Wrexham’s twitter feed to let him know as quickly as possible whether to continue with his journey or jump off and get the next train home!

But it’s on, we’ve picked our strongest possible team, and now I’m suffering from whatever the opposite of cup fever is, wishing I was part of the excitement!

My mood’s not helped by the fact that I’m not allowed to speak as I have to let my voice rest! That really isn’t as easy as it sounds – it’s absolutely driving me crazy!

Still, I’m determined to be there on Tuesday: I’m nowhere near being able to commentate, but I’ll do some typing if I’m needed!

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