Southport 1 Wrexham 3


Well, that wasn’t quite as hard as I feared it would be! Well, it wasn’t until about 4:40!

Following the game through a twitter feed is always a frustrating experience, no matter how well it’s done at the other end! You just need to see things for yourself and get your own feel for what’s happening! But this feed was a succession of missed chances for Wrexham, and the notion of superiority it created was borne out by my lad’s texts. We were on top, with a foot on Southport’s throats.

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC

great pass from @Ashy_number3 sets @RobOgleby through but bounce gets better of him again

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC

CHANCE: Great ball by Clarke, slide rule to Ogleby, only keeper to beat and drags shot wide. very unlike him

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC

reigning chances now. Wright through, rounds keeper but can’t net from a acute angle.

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC

CHANCE: Balls manages to bobble through to wright, comes inside but his shot is mis-hit.

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC

awful backpass then, Hunt through on goal but ref blows for half time. 0-2 wrexham lead #lastfourinsight

Still, the fear that grows when you see all these chances going begging is worthwhile when you see those orgasmic goal outbursts:

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC


I was even getting relaxed at 3-0. Cocky even. And then comes the penalty, followed by the tweet you fear the most:

Wrexham FC@Wrexham_FC

Owens then misses an open goal. wrexham now under the cosh

Still, we made it over the line, and that’s what matters. The performance puts us in a good place, of course, but don’t just limit that to the Trophy. We’ve a big run of matches coming up, and as I’ve already said, it’s the form you take into those games that matters. If your momentum is good, you want to play every day, if not, you want a break. We’re flying at the moment, and need the games to come thick and fast.

Having said that, I’ve also already commented on my respect for Southport. They showed in the last fifteen minutes today, and the first half of our league game at Haig Avenue, why we ought to respect them. Cambridge did us a favour today, taking points off Grimsby, but don’t let the fact that we’ve already beaten Southport three times this season fool you: Tuesday s a real test. I’m glad I’ll be there!

Wrexham (4-3-3): Mayebi, Alfei, Riley, Westwood, Ashton; Keates, Clarke, Harris; Ogleby (Cieslewicz 60), D Wright, Hunt.

SUBS: Little, Thorton, Colbeck, Rushton

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