Return of the Old Fart!

Back by popular demand, the author of one blog post, the Old Fart returns to the Wrexham Supporters Blog.

As an exile down South Wales for a quarter of a century I don’t go to many games but I did go to the Newport v Wrexham game last Friday. I spent the afternoon in Newport library having caught the bus from Cardiff then made my way via the scenic route of Stow Hill and the Transporter Bridge to Somerton Park.

I had been to the Rugby Ground once before about twenty years ago to see a Rugby Match between Newport and Cardiff and the ground was more or less the same. Huge Wrexham Following who were queueing at the tiny caravan that doubled as Programme Seller.

Great support for an evening game very impressive. I think it was 462 but it sounded and looked a lot more than that! What I have always noticed and remarked upon with the Wrexham away support is the humour and the banter. A good laugh with ‘Pipe’ Newport’s right back getting the ‘Fat Bastard’ award on the night!

As Mark Griffiths mentioned in his match description it was a tense and stressfull affair! What struck me, not having seen the team live was how small we are! I thought Ken Dodd’s Diddy Men had taken the field against the Newport Giants, the scorer Danny Wright excluded. I thought immediately, bring Glen Little on quick! We were good, organised, skillfull, tactically astute but we were also sloppy giving the ball away in defence and midfield too often.

Newport’s O’Connor, always looked dangerous and I felt towards the end of the game that we were playing to Newport’s strengths, not ours! We should have won that game but it appears that there was a tacit acceptance just after Newport scored that it would be a draw. Justin Mayebi in goal was sound and kept us in the game. As a 5 foot 8 small person myself I felt at home amongst the vertically challenged Wrexham team and thought perhaps wrongly that perhaps we should sign a couple of Giants in the January Transfer Window. One in Attack and One in the centre of defence.

We need to go up this year as champions not in the play offs because odds on we will draw Luton again and lose our bottle. We have served out time and apprenticeship at this level now and we are a tight, tidy skillfull side. At the end of the season perhaps Andy Morrell will give us a full “We are not worthy Ayattollah salute” unlike the perfunctory effort he gave us at Newport. Perhaps he was dissapointed that we didn’t come away with a win.

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