Morrell Plays It Cool

Transfer deadline day. Crazy isn’t it? The noise around whether we could reel in new players was particularly strange this time, because it’s a watershed which really hardly affects clubs at our level.

After all, we’re shopping at bargain basement prices these days, and are hardly likely to pull a QPR and suddenly bring in a shedload of players permanently. It’s when the emergency loan window opens in a week that our natural shopping habitat is revealed.

Anyway, although Andy Morrell does need to add to his squad, he doesn’t have to do it urgently, a fact the impressive performance against Newport illustrated perfectly.

With one massive exception we haven’t been troubled by injuries, and it would be peculiar if a manager, having had a decent start with the squad he assembled over the Summer, suddenly felt the urge to dismantle it. I believe those who do exactly that have something called the Redknapp gene.

Anyway, Morrell is a level-headed guy, not given to knee-jerk reactions. Look at the team this season: six of them have played every game, and that figure would be seven were it not for Jay Harris’ suspension. Of course, it would be eight if Mark hadn’t got injured, so apart from Morrell’s policy of rotating his strikers, he’d have played exactly the same side in the positions behind them if he’d had his way. Not exactly the tinkering of a manager who feels an urgent need to overhaul his playing personnel.

Morrell has decent options to fall back on if he needs to as well. as we’ve one of the best benches in the division. The likes of Stephen Wright, Glen Little, Joe Clarke and our pool of strikers are more than capable of influencing Conference matches, and youngsters like Jay Colbeck are making encouraging progress if required.

Of course, we do need more cover at centre back: losing Mark Creighton is a massive blow. But at the moment Martin Riley and Chris Westwood are playing well, and if Westwood’s injury yesterday is enough to put him out for a while,Stephen Wright is an experienced reserve who made an impressive first appearance in the centre of defence for us when he came on. Thankfully, as wage demands rose on deadline day amidst the madness, Morrell kept his head while those around him were losing theirs.

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