The fact that Barry Fry acted with no respect for us over Nat Knight-Percival’s transfer sadly wasn’t surprising.

Fry announced that Nat Knight-Percival will be joining Peterborough United next season. It was a deal many had already suspected would go through in the Summer, but perhaps Fry might have considered the fact that we are at the sharp end of an incredibly intense title battle before making the announcement. But then what’s the point in wishing Fry would show some decorum?

This is the man who has made great play on the fact that he was a youth player at Manchester United. (Total appearances: zero. But Fry, the master of self-promotion, is a genius at making a tiny amount go a long way.)

He’s also shoved himself firmly onto the managerial gravy train. He must give good interview; either that or he has tapped into the fact that nothing carresses a chairman’s ego like appointing a “celebrity” manager. And now, as Peterborough’s Director of Football, he’s got himself a job with security. Nice work if you can get it.

He has a terrible desire for attention. Like a disobedient child in school, he doesn’t care if the attention is negative or positive as long as he gets some. The kid in the classroom makes silly noises until teacher tells him off; Fry has managed to go nearly two months since banging the desk on Sky Sports News and announcing “We’ve had enough of these foreigners. They aint got no passion, they aint got no commitment, all they want is the money!” But it won’t last.

Fry loves a camera. Most of his career seems to have been the basis of a documentary or reality show, and when there are no TV shows around, he fills the void by telling everyone that he lifted a gypsy curse on St. Andrews by urinating on the corner flags, or some other charming anecdote.(There are plenty – he knew George Best, you know!)

He’ll never go short of publicity as journalists quickly sniff out a rent-a-quote like him. He rarely says anything analytical, but he’s never short of an opinion, and that’s what today’s media is after.

Wrexham have responded in a measured manner, which is our new mode of operation since the WST takeover, of course. But we could do little else. The cat’s now out of the bag. I don’t begrudge Nat Knight-Percival his move for a second; it’s a big leap up and his performances this season have earned it. Furthermore, his own behaviour throughout seems to have been impeccable.

We can’t say the same for Fry though. It’s a pity he’s shown no respect for Wrexham in his latest grasp for attention, but why should I be surprised? If Barry Fry had more consideration for other clubs, then dealing with him would be a different proposition; but then if my Aunt had wheels she’d be a bus.

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