Our ever-growing obsession with the Cod Army!

Fleetwood Town, a team that did not even have full time players until the end of the 2009-10 season, now an obsession to all us Wrexham fans. We constantly find ourselves checking the Fleetwood score and find ourselves bitterly disappointed time after time as they somehow play longer than any other team! Eight times this season Fleetwood have scored in injury time. An incredible record for a team that will not back down and despite their poor start to the season, have emerged as Wrexham’s main title contenders.

As well as the inevitable rivalry due to the promotion chasing, there is the added factor of two former players that add a bit of spice to this rivalry. Fleetwood moved to bring in Andrew Mangan last summer and Lee Fowler in January from Wrexham, as they splashed their cash around the Blue Square Premier. Mangan believed that Fleetwood was the best move for him with Lee Fowler also leaving Wrexham in supposedly more auspicious circumstances. But let’s not get into that!

When you’re at the top it seems, you have all the luck. Fleetwood show this time after time with penalties awarded which are perhaps controversial and grabbing last minute goals, a mixture of luck and of course their determination to win.

However, a certain Sir Alex Ferguson recently said he would rather Manchester United be the chaser than the leader in the title challenge, so Wrexham should feel the same way. With ten games left in the season anything can happen, and when you’re at the top there is no room for error. With Wrexham’s determination and never say die attitude, the pressure must at some point get to Fleetwood. Look at the Premier League with Manchester City and Manchester United as City slipped up against Swansea, a massive turn in the title challenge. With Fleetwood’s run of good results, it’s only a matter of time before they slip up. Bearing in mind Wrexham still have a game in hand, the final ten games are cup finals in their own rights.

Just like the Premier League potential decider between City and United at the Etihad, the climax of the Blue Square Premier could come down to the decider at Highbury on April 10. But there is still plenty of football to go between now and then!


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