The Way we Were!

I challenge any Wrexham fan not to think of their old man when listening to the old Gladys Knight number ‘The Way we Were’ and not to wipe a tear away, when thinking of the games you saw together standing on the terraces or sitting in the old Plas Coch stand.

I arrive at the Wrexham Blog as a self proclaimed old fart! I look at the results from a distance and try and get to a couple of away games, as an exile down South. I’ve been to Swindon, Bournemouth, Bristol City, Northampton, Peterborough, Leyton Orient, Brentford, Brighton over the years, all in the name of Wrexham FC. We lost those games but it didn’t matter because I don’t know about you but I always look at any game through nostalgic eyes.

Even now I am looking at Wrexham through the eyes of a teenager on the terraces. Every game is essentially the FA Cup win over Arsenal.

Duw, we’re in a good position this year but where did Fleetwood come from ? The only time I’d heard of them before was when I was on holiday as a nipper in Brittany (there’s posh) and there was a trooping some colour in this fishing village and who marched through but Fleetwood Sea Scouts on kazoos and drums. I kid you not!

Fleetwood isn’t very far from Preston and Wrexham V Preston North End was the first game I ever saw at the Racecourse in the 1970′s. We were at where the Kop is now! Paid 15p I think to go and sit in some old cinema seats above the Kop! Can somebody tell me that that was true and I am not imagining it! You didn’t want to stand and celebrate a goal because the whole stand would shake. It wasn’t safe mun!

The next game I saw was Wrexham V Leicester City and Frank ‘Playboy’ Worthington was playing for them. We must be talking 75, 76 round about there. I was well into us, them by the promotion side of 77 but funnily enough it was the Bobby Roberts era of the early 1980′s I remember best.

Call me a traitor or a part timer but when we got relegated to the Blue Circle Cement League I asked a cousin to take all my programmes from that era to a charity shop in Wrexham to get shot. They were all a strange size in light Green with Red stripes across and Bobby Roberts in action pose. I should have kept the one against Newcastle United where Keegan was playing and we beat them 4-2 and we were sat in the old Plas Coch stand on the corner. Eh, I’m waxing lyrical here now and me a new boy! Apologies, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. More Ramblings from a Nostalgic old fart very soon!

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