A Little Treasure

What a hero Andy Morrell is! Legendary player, now refreshing caretaker boss. He has consistently made good calls from either the bench or the pitch, and has done more than enough to earn a permanent shot at the job, if he wants it. In fact there’s only one thing I’d suggest to him on the playing front: could he find a way to use Glen little a bit more?

The reason I ask is simple. I cant believe there’s a better technical plater in the conference than Little. I admit there are compelling reasons not to start with him, not least the fact that our midfield is ticking over nicely, with five players already showing they can perform in the middle of the park. However, there are times when throwing Little into the fray off the bench looks like a good option.

Admittedly, his fitness is an issue, and I’d have thought a starting spot is out of the question at the moment. If it’s permanently out of the question, then part of me understands the reluctance to use him, but on balance I’d have thought that using hm as apinch hitter off the bench, in certain specific circumstances, could be highly beneficial.

The reason I’m a Little fan is quite simple. I’ve seen enough intriguing glimpses of him in action to want to see more. He played the full ninety minutes in a pre-season game at Connah’s Quay and ran the game. Admittedly, that isn’t exactly Conference standard, but it was a genuine indication of what he can do.

Perhaps more relevant is his performance at Southport in mid-September. He came on with seventeen minutes left and delivered a terrific little cameo. Admittedly the circumstances suited him, as Southport were down to ten men and sitting in their penalty area, trying to cling onto a 0-0 draw. Little was imperial, running midfield as he drifted all over the pitch, passing cleverly and delivering dangerous crosses into the box.

But we’ve only seen him for five minutes since, and at the moment he’s not even on the bench. Surely he’s worth having on there? When we need to treat the ball with more care late on, especially if we’re under the cosh, it seems to me that he’d be an ideal addition, especially with Lee Fowler absent. With a thin squad, we need to make the most of what we have at our disposal, and Glen Little is potentially one of our more precious resources


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