Ten games in……………..

Brian Flynn always looked at the season in ten game periods and with Wrexham having played their tenth league game of the season at Haig Avenue on Tuesday I thought a first review of the season so far was called for.

So where are we? Second in the table only trailing pre season favourites Luton Town by goal difference indicates a good start to the campaign for the men in red but being greedy could it have been so much better?  An average of two points per game is on target for in excess of 90 points which, as Dean Saunders commented in the dark at Southport, would see us safely into the play offs. But a late deflected goal at home to Cambridge cost us two more points and the defensive changes against Barrow and York may well have cost us more. Overall though after the doubt that we would even start the season one has to say that Saunders and his men have worked a minor miracle to be where they are in the standings as September draws to a close.

Player wise Chris Maxwell has looked one of the best keepers at this level, Mark Creighton and Nat Knight – Percival have formed a good centre back partnership whilst Lee Fowler would undoubtedly be playing at a higher level without the demons that have followed him through his career. With Danny Wright and Jake Speight developing a good understanding up front we have a strong spine to the side and when they have all played Wrexham have looked a very good side. Good contributions from Tolley with his goals and Obeng with his assists are worthy of a mention in this early season review.

Looking good then? Without a doubt my only concern is how strong is the squad? As we start to incur injuries and suspensions as we inevitably will as the season progresses are the squad players good enough to come in for a couple of games here and there and keep the level of performance up? Early indicators are possibly not as with Danny Wright missing for the last two matches we have not scored, when Maxwell and Creighton were not on the field we conceded six goals so this must be a worry for Saunders and one he has already started to highlight in his press interview on Tuesday evening. With Blackburn and Gaz Taylor leaving the club, two experienced pros, and not yet being replaced it has left an already small squad looking even more light in certain key areas. Whether or not the WST take over goes ahead or not this is an area of concern after 10 games as whilst a settled side is good for game plans and team work we do need players of similar quality to come into the side in the event of injury, suspension or loss of form.

Glen Little, who must have put himself in the frame for interview of the season so far on Tuesday, is not fit enough yet to play more than a cameo role from the bench, Chris Westwood is still looking very rusty after missing most of pre season and whilst it was good to see Dean Keates get 90 minutes under his belt at Southport the rest of the squad that are not at present playing are in the main young pros who have yet to prove themselves in the professional game.

We have made a great start to the campaign but as Saunders calls for some investment in his squad and we all wonder whether that will prove possible it could well be the deciding factor in how the season progresses. Let’s hope that we can perform as well in the next 10 games as we have in the first 10.



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