Is today the biggest test of the season so far?

I am not particularly superstitious but as Mike and Marc Williams roll into town today with their Kidderminster Harriers colleagues are the gods stacking up against Dean’s red and white army?

Having overcome the challenge of ,what I thought was an average, Fleetwood Town side on Bank Holiday Monday the Reds boss has been awarded the BSB Premier Manager of the Month for August. Historically this has been an award that usually coincides with a dramatic drop in form for the recipients team, carrying a “curse” tag with it. Added to the return of not one but two ex players who will have one or two points to prove to Saunders and the loss of Welsh U21 keeper Chris Maxwell to international duty will it all be to much for Wrexham?

As I said I am not superstitious but having just eaten my customary match day breakfast of muesli (always have it on a match day as it brings us luck) and walked the dogs on the same route we have walked on every game so far this season. I will be putting on my lucky shirt and setting off at exactly the same time and travelling to The Racecourse by the same route. As usual I will pop into the office and have a chat with Geraint and sign in with Nige in reception before meeting Joe Jakub for a pre match brew and chat. I’m glad I’m not superstitious because I’d hate to be worried that if I miss one of my little routines (not superstitions as I have said) it could have a negative impact on the lads promotion push. After all there is enough stacking up against us already – the manager of the month curse, the old players returning with a point to prove and the first change to a winning side of this campaign, not to mention that Steve Burr’s Aggborough outfit are one of our bogey sides, especially at home.

I’ll be doing my bit and completing my pre match build up as usual, let us hope that lady luck, fate, the gods or whatever are still on our side and we can beat Kidderminster for the first time in the league at The Racecourse. Fingers crossed!!



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