Another day another dollar

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the case at Wrexham FC where one day runs into another, the club operates smoothly and doesn’t attract asset stripping vultures, the team is playing well and the fans are all happy and concentrating on the next match, forums debating football related issues and not the alleged past criminal activities of x,y and z.

But wait – after so many years of torment for the long suffering fans of our great and beloved Wrexham surely Tuesday nights momentous decision has laid the foundations for all of the above to happen. It is going to take an awful lot of hard work and dare I say it compromise and an ability to deal with some big egos but with goodwill on all sides surely we have the basis for a settled period in the history of the football club.

Glyndwr now own the ground and are making the sort of noises you would want to hear from a landlord, Richard Green appears to have the right credentials to manage the business side of the club and on the pitch Dean Saunders and his men have certainly made a good start to the season. Coupled with the loyalty shown by the fans and an ability to raise funds (which is critical going forward looking at the cash flow forecasts) am I being naiive in hoping and wishing for just a settled and ordinary period of time where I can just focus on football ?

I went to Villa Park last Saturday and Goodison Park on Wednesday night and on both occasions listened to fans of the respective home sides complaining about lack of investment and a lack of new signings in Everton’s case. Two thoughts crossed my mind – firstly you don’t know how lucky you are and secondly how nice just to have to worry about football issues.

Still after Tuesday evening perhaps soon when I take up my position in the commentary box that is all I have to think about – football.



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