Yma o Hyd

Yma o hyd as another week has flown past in the roller coaster ride that is Wrexham Football Club. If someone had told me 35 odd years ago the highs and lows, the ups and downs that would be involved in following Wrexham would I have gone to that first match at the old Gay Meadow ? Too bloody right I would have done!! It’s in my blood and even if I wanted to I can’t stop now. To me it’s like having a child – even when you can see them making mistakes, even when you just know that there are going to be tears at the end of the day, you just know that the good times will come and you will get great pleasure once again from their actions. When the bad times are happening you are there for them, to support them and let them know they will never walk alone.

Well here we now are with the ground owned by the university. Is it the right move for the club? Well only time will tell but one thing is for sure something had to give, something had to change and for my simplistic way of looking at things when the brewery owned the ground we did not have to put up with almost annual attacks on the clubs assets. Now we don’t own our ground anymore we can focus on, hopefully, a fan backed club run by the fans for the fans.

Last Saturday with no action from the boys in Red on the pitch and purely in the cause of researching opponents for next season I ventured to another fan owned club in AFC Telford United, back in the top tier of non league after a terrible period in their history. Looking around their neat little ground I felt quite envious as they are now back on an even keel and when the announcement for volunteers to sweep the terraces and stands for 15 minutes after the game went out I must admit to wearing a wry smile and imagining a similar appeal at The Racecourse. With the tremendous ground swell of support for the players that our own fans have shown this past couple of weeks I don’t for one minute think there will be a shortage of volunteers but if and when we are bought by the WST for the fans then the likes of unsung heroes such as Geraint, Kim and Wyn at the club are going to need our help on an ongoing basis. Can Wrexham fans rise to this challenge? Of course we can.

Next weekend, Saturday 13th August 2011 the new season starts and I for one cannot wait. Come on You Reds!!

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